Workout Accessories that Will Motivate You to Hit the Gym!

I don’t know about you, but when I buy new workout clothes, it motivates me to hit the gym. Like slipping on a shiny new pair of heels, there’s something about the way you look and feel in a new pair of running pants or a new yoga tank that makes you want to show them off while you’re burning calories. There are so many options out there for athletic apparel, but what about accessories? From sneakers to headphones to hair ties, I decided to investigate the best workout gear and accessories to help boost your fitness game. Here’s my roundup of some of the best fitness accessories that will make you want to pick up those weights, pound the pavement, cycle your heart out and more!

What’s on your feet while your exercising is just as important as what’s on your body. Whether it’s for comfort, stability or even style, sneakers are a huge motivator for me. I’m also a workout junkie and don’t commit to one specific type of exercise. I love to run, do CrossFit and I have somewhat of a boot camp addiction at my local gym. I have a different sneaker for each of these workouts and here are my favorites:

ABEO AERO sneakers

For Running: To say it feels like you’re walking on a cloud is an understatement. The ABEO AERO Rynner is the ultimate running sneaker for comfort. This shoe features an air-infused technology that responds to every step you take. It has over 60 cushioned VIBRAM pillars enhanced by airflow between the heel and the foot, making it one of the most comfortable sneakers for long distance runners.


Price: $139.95North FaceFor Boot Camp/Cross Training: The North Face Ultra Kilowatt Trainer is made for the outdoors, but I find that these sneakers are best for any kind of cross training workouts because they are super form fitting, comfortable and provide great stability. Plus, this super lightweight shoe incorporates Ultra Airmesh for total breathability, a Pebex protection plate with energy return for stability and performance, and a Vibram outsole for protection and comfort.


Price: $120


For CrossFit: Any females that have taken a CrossFit class know it’s not for the faint of heart, and that weight lifting is usually part of the WOD (CrossFit lingo that stands for “Workout Of the Day”). I love the Asics GEL-Fit Sana sneakers because it almost feels like you’re barefoot, which is optimal for lifting heavy weights. The flatter the surface, the more stable you feel. Designed with a stretchable mesh upper and MONO-SOCK® upper construction, it gives you a sock-like fit and feel that makes for a secured comfortable wear.


Price: $80SYNC Headphones

Nothing gets you more pumped to exercise than music, and these Top of Form SYNC by 50 On-Ear Wireless Sport Headphones are the ultimate workout companion. These headphones are ideal for running or when you’re doing the gym machine circuit because they are completely wireless (yes, they don’t get in the way!) and sweat-proof. Utilizing Bluetooth, the on-ear wireless headphones feature on-ear track control and volume adjustment, so you can leave your phone in your gym bag. In other words, you can be completely hands free while you’re in the zone.


Price: $229.95

NYNEFor the bike/cycling lovers out there, the NYNE Limited Edition Royal Series Cruiser portable speaker is the must have music accessory for your bike. Listening to your headphones while riding isn’t the safest option, so if you want to be on the safe side while jamming out to your favorite music, this portable speaker easily clips onto your bike for your riding pleasure. Or, if you’re doing a group fitness class and your iPhone isn’t cutting it, this 0.8lb Bluetooth enabled speaker is a super convenient and stylish option.


Price: $99.95

Runtastic OrbitYour fitness results are what push you to work harder, run faster and lift stronger, so it’s important to track your progress to make sure you’re hitting your goals. The Rustastic Orbit provides 24 hour tracking, which tracks your activities, fitness & sleep cycles. And most importantly, it helps you set and reach personal goals by using vibration alarms and notifications throughout the day to help monitor your progress. Think of it as your fitness conscious.


Price: $119.99


Twist Bands


This may sound crazy, but knowing that my workout will ruin my freshly washed and blow-dried hair sometimes makes me want to skip the gym. I always used traditional hair ties that left a crease in my hair, until I discovered Twist Bands. Twistbands hold your hair in place without leaving a crease or pulling out your hair, plus I love the huge variety of colors, styles, and prints to choose from. It’s no wonder celebs like Nina Dobrev, Kristen Cavalleri, Lauren Conrad, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Kendall Jenner use these to hold their lovely locks in place!


Price: $6 for a pack of three


I don’t like to bring my purse to the gym, so if I know I’m heading there after work I’ll use this Manduka GO Free 2.0 yoga backpack instead. It fits EVERYTHING you could possibly need for your workout, plus it has padded pocket for my laptop. This backpack doubles as my gym bag and work bag during the week, plus it makes a great weekend bag if you’re heading out to town.


Price: $120

This article was originally posted on Beauty News NYC – you can view it here.

x Allie


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