Jeanette Zinno & Allie Maltese

Jeanette Zinno has always gravitated toward the hustle and bustle of city life on the East Coast, and first fell in love with Manhattan while growing up visiting art and history museums. Being completely infatuated with all things beauty, she followed her passion and creative drive, and began a career in NYC in the beauty industry. Jeanette is a multimedia journalist and has been the Beauty Director at Social Life Magazine since 2012. She contributes to media outlets including Beauty News NYC, Glamour and FOX News Magazine. She’s also an On-Air Beauty and Lifestyle Expert, view her reel here. Contact Jeanette for bookings at jeanette.zinno@gmail.com.

Today, Jeanette resides in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, is an animal activist and has a passion for traveling the globe, in search of new beauty trends, of course! Find her on Twitter and Instagram @jeanettezinno or her Facebook page.

Allie never thought she would ever need anything besides cab fare and the Big Apple’s charm and excitement, but wanderlust snatched her heart and so she set out for the West Coast in search of a sunnier, more radiant life in San Diego. A graduate of New York’s Parson’s School of Design and The Fashion Institute of Technology, Allie is enchanted by the aesthetic of attire. She’s worked in the beauty and style closets at such celebrated publications as: O, The Oprah Magazine, O at Home, Seventeen and Star Magazines. Now she’s exploring the public relations industry with a focus on jewelry, fashion and beauty.

Some of her loves include; the beauty industry, pretty product packaging, lounging on rooftops, writing, traveling, discovering amazing restaurants and designer finds, champagne, hot yoga, laughing and cuddling with her French Bulldog, Louie. Find her on Twitter @alliemaltese or her Facebook page.


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