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unnamedConfession: I’m into serial working out. I try to work out five days a week, but I get so bored at the gym and I like to try new workout classes ALL the time. [#NewYorkerProblems] In the past few weeks I’ve tried everything from a trampoline class to karate – HiYa! Below are a few of my favorites and hopefully, maybe, I’ll commit to one of these workouts. But with all of the new hybrid classes in New York City, I may just continue my serial working out ways!

Boxing – Burn 600 calories and sculpt my arms, shoulders, core, and legs in one workout? Yes, please! And I was invited to do just that at a group boxing workout class at Trinity Boxing Club, that Tyra Banks frequents. I learned basic boxing techniques with an instructor and had a blast through a series of group workout games, including tag in the boxing ring, hot potato and tug-of-war! (110 Greenwich St; 212-374-9393)

Trampoline – JumpLife, is a trampoline class, with a clublike vibe in TriBeCa, think strobe lights and loud music with trampolines. Basically you jump and dance on a trampoline for 45 minutes. The JumpLife workouts are a fun way to boost energy, lose weight, strengthen and tone. This class was probably the most fun I’ve had working out in a while. (404 Broadway; 212-966-2604)

Karate – Igor Dyachenko, a two-time world karate champion trained me at his Midtown studio, D-Dojo KarateD-Dojo offers a modern approach to a classical Japanese karate education where they integrate modern science and various martial art principles. Igor has practiced karate since he was six years old, and was very inspiring about the practice. His classes are a great way to learn patience, balance and of course, tone your whole body. (2 W 47th St; 212-537-6441)

Rowing – I’ve tried the rowing machines at the gym, and they’re definitely an amazing workout, so I decided to check out City Row. This class alternates between interval rowing and mat work, their signature 50-minute class combines high-interval sweat with low-resistance burn to scorch up to 600 calories in one session. The class flew by and made me sweat, so check it out! Bring gloves though, my hands hurt after class. (80 5th Ave; 212-242-4790)

Pilates – The Revivo Method class, created by Noemi Di Gregorio works your core and teaches you to concentrate on your breathing. It’s make you focus on performing precise, flowing movement that really targets each body part that you’re working. During my private class with Noemi we tailored a regimen designed to invigorate my body and mind. (596 Broadway; 201-367-8478)


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